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New Orleans Flight Club


Discovery Flight

What is a Discovery Flight?

The Discovery Flight is an introductory flying session, in which you’re paired with one of our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Flight Instructors (CFI’s), and allowed to pilot our plane under supervision. Throughout the session, you will be seated on the left, also known as the pilot-in-command seat, as you take flight.When you engage the throttle for the first time in one of our airplanes, your heart will start to beat faster, your adrenaline will surge, and your senses will become elevated as you take off.There is truly no greater feeling as you freely ascend into the sky – it is something you will never forget. And the best way to experience that moment is through our exhilarating, affordable Discovery Flight. And if you do plan on getting a pilot’s license, the flight time counts toward flight training, so it’s a win-win.

Only $197


Become the Aviator You Always Dreamed of Being.

Fall in love with the skies. Once you experience flight there is no going back. You will love the rush. You will love the feeling. You will love the freedom. Ready to Fly?

Meet the Fleet

Cessna C-152

The Cessna 152 is the world's tried-and-true trainer. The 2-seat C-152 is a strong, stable, and durable aircraft and it is powered by a reliable Lycoming engine. Together with an exceptional safety record, the C-152 offers an excellent training environment.

 Cessna C-172 

More pilots have launched their dreams in a Cessna 172 than in any other aircraft. The 172 has the perfect blend of docile handling characteristics for flight training needs, yet enough seats for the average family of four to use it for personal transportation. 

Piper Cherokee 140

The Cherokee 140 is powered by a 150 horsepower engine and has a 3 person occupancy. It’s heavier weight and low-wing design allow it to handle slightly better in turbulence and winds as compared to other trainers. Stratus Navigation System Installed. 




New Orleans Lakefront Airport (KNEW)

McDermott Hangar, 8408 Lloyd Stearman Dr, New Orleans, LA 70126, United States